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Guildbourne Centre

Worthing, West Sussex


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Mindworks Escape Rooms are coming to Worthing town centre, early 2020!

Our first room, 'Smuggler's Ruin', and our website are both under construction but until we open our doors, feel free to look around. We look forward to bringing you more info soon.

What is an escape room?

It's a live game filled with puzzles and mystery, and it's up to you to solve them!

You and your team will live out the story; collecting clues, cracking codes and unravelling riddles to uncover the secrets of old Worthing town. With 60 minutes to complete your challenge, teamwork and clever thinking will be needed to beat the clock!

For more information, see our FAQ section here.

What makes us different?

Rooted in history

Our room is based upon the local history of Worthing and it's dark era of smuggling. Whilst being fun and immersive, you may also learn a thing or two about this quiet seaside town.


Choose your ending

Multiple endings are not common in escape rooms. Your team will be faced with a choice during your game, which will affect the ending you experience. Both endings come with unique puzzles and different conclusions to the story, so pick wisely!

the game

1860s, Worthing

Play our first escape room "Smuggler's Ruin" when it launches early 2020!

Our room is designed to challenge your mind as well as your perception of this picturesque seaside town. Gather your crew and your smuggler's wits to out-smart the puzzles that hide a long lost secret...

Smuggling. Corruption.

A secret that should have stayed buried.


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Play the game. opens in worthing early 2020.