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Work Teams & Events

Take YOUR event to the next level, break free from the conventional, and dive into the adventure!

Our escape room games drive motivation, encourage and promote epic teamwork!
Mindworks offers the ultimate mix of unforgettable fun, problem-solving, rallying team spirit and exciting challenges to keep the team raving!


Three AWARD-WINNING Escape Rooms AND our Portable Experience For Hire!
Take a look through our events brochure below for all the details.

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Each of our escape room experiences are exclusively yours.

With a capacity of 6/8 players maximum in each of our 3 escape room games, 
we can host up to 22 players at once.

Hosting for 22+ team players? No problem!
Book in to play back-to-back games.

For a bespoke quote and other enquiries, please get in touch at:


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