Frequently asked questions

Will I be locked in?

No, you will not actually be locked in. The doors that enter and exit the game are always unlocked, so you can leave at any time should you need to.

Do I need to be physically fit?

No, our game is designed to challenge your mind, not your fitness!

How long does it last?

Plan for an hour and a half in total. The game will take up to an hour to complete, along with some time for briefing/debriefing.

Is alcohol allowed?

We don't allow alcohol to be consumed on our premises, and we can't let anyone take part that is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Are there age restrictions?

We recommend ages 10 and up as some of our puzzles may be too challenging for younger players. Guests under the age of 18 must have a responsible adult as part of their team.

What is an escape room?

It's a room filled with a series of brain-boggling puzzles and challenges that you and your team will need to solve to complete your mission! Escape rooms are an immersive, team-building experience, where you are the main characters in a mysterious story.

What if I get stuck?

There will always be a staff member monitoring your game from outside of the room, and will be ready to give you a hint if you need one.

Can I play if I'm pregnant?

We advise caution whilst playing but we do try to accomodate pregnant players.

Will my team be sharing the room with other people?

No, your booking entitles you and your team to have the game room to yourselves. We will not mix separate groups together.

Is there parking available?

Yes, the Guildbourne Centre has a multi-storey car park with plenty of spaces, only a 2 minute walk away.

Do I need to bring anything with me?

You don't need to bring anything with you. A staff member will go through everything with you beforehand and no outside knowledge or tools are needed to complete the game.

Is it wheelchair accessible?

Yes, but we recommend a maximum of one wheelchair per booking because of space available in the game. Contact us if you would like more info.

Is it suitable for someone with Claustrophobia?

We are designing our rooms to be as spacious as possible and all of the doors leading in and out of the game are always unlocked. Anyone can step out at any time.

I think I've solved the puzzle on your flyer! Am I right?!

If the answer you got was 'COIN', then you're a clever clue-cracker, well done!!

What are your COVID-19 measures?

We have carried out a full Covid-19 risk assessment prior to opening and all customers should be aware of the following: • We protect our rooms using an anti-microbial fog every week and clean critical surfaces in-between games. We also ensure the rooms have plenty of fresh air circulated through them in-between games too. • All staff members will be wearing a face covering during your visit. • All visitors and staff must use hand sanitiser gel on arrival and departure. • If a booking has been made and a team member develops Covid-19 symptoms or needs to self-isolate please do not attend. We will issue a full refund.

Are there toilet facilities?

We do not have any customer toilets currently available on our premises, but there are public toilets available just outside in the Guildbourne Centre.